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Skin cancer screening at workplace

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E-derma is a center dedicated specifically to the diagnosis of skin cancer. With the concept of comprehensive patient care, services are provided according to the highest international standards at different levels, from primary and secondary prevention to treatment and monitoring of patients with skin cancer. 

E-derma provides two types of health care: face-to-face and distant evaluation (teledermatology) 

E-derma labor is a division that focus in providing skin screening at t workplace, regardless of distance or accessibility 

If you are an employer, you can offer skin cancer screening as part of your company's health and safety program. It is an excellent way to safeguard the health of your staff with periodic controls. 

How does it work? 

Trained health personnel perform the complete examination of company’s employees. During evaluation, risk factors for skin cancer are assessed and photo-protection advice is provided. Suspicious lesions are registered and digitized with specific devices (FotoFinder Leviacam®, FotoFinder Systems GmbH) to be evaluated by the E-Derma specialized dermatologists, who fulfill an individualized report with a presumptive diagnosis and possible therapeutic suggestions. Those patients who require surgery or specific therapies will be referred to dermatological centers. 

Images and clinical data are stored in specific software (Fotofinder Universe®, FotoFinder Systems GmbH), with full protection due to encrypted file forma.



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